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Whitepaper for ERP Rollout Manager in group-wide deployments

Benefit from 100+ ERP rollout insights.

Typical quick fixes you should avoid and why

Concrete actions you can take to meet your rollout targets

Hands-on checklists to use directly

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3 step guide to meet your rollout goals.
Sidekick Network rollout customer Telekom, Roche, Fresenius
Sidekick Network rollout customer Volkswagen, BPW, Deutsche Bank

More than 50 organizations trust Sidekick Network

Daily reality

Increasing cloudification

... with every shorter release cycles requires more efficient frameworks

Rollout planning

... is still be done based on best-case scenarios, very tight budget and from a technical point of view.

Decline of resources

... with technical, professional and soft skills, while dependency on implementation partner is rising.

Planning errors

... lead to constant fire fighting, delays of go-live dates and burn-out of important resources.

Target scenario

Rollouts in time & budget

... with Go-Live dates based on challenging, but realistic expectations

Long-term resources

... with expert know-how and the ability to build a bridge between IT and functions

Efficient teamwork

... with drive and hands-on mentality.

Strong user adoption

... to quickly amortize costs and ROI

This whitepaper provides you valuable measures based on a 3 step apprach to get your project back on schedule. You get also insights from rollout managers and experts on their experiences within critical rollout projects.

Big Community: More than 300 selected experts

Big community

Knowledge from the field: More than 1300  successfull projects

Successfull projects

Reliable and loyal: ø 12 Years of project experience

Years of project experience

About us

Our own experience in ERP Rollouts enables us to understand the challenges and typical pain points from our customers. An experienced team that takes responsibility in a solution-oriented, hands-on and structured mindset is key. By providing selected experts with drive, empathy and relevant know-how in ERP Rollouts and E2E processes within Procurement, Finance, HR and Logistics, we are convinced to help our clients to bring their project to success.