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Whitepaper for ERP Rollout Manager in group-wide deployments

How to fix and design your ERP rollout?

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How to fix and design your ERP rollout?
Sidekick Network rollout customer Telekom, Roche, Fresenius
Sidekick Network rollout customer Volkswagen, BPW, Deutsche Bank

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Daily reality

Increasing cloudification

... with every shorter release cycles requires more efficient frameworks.

Rollout planning

... is still be done based on best-case scenarios, very tight budget and from a technical point of view.

Decline of resources

... with technical, professional and soft skills, while dependency on implementation partner is rising.

Planning errors

... lead to constant fire fighting, delays of go-live dates and burn-out of important resources.

Target scenario

Rollouts in time & budget

... with Go-Live dates based on challenging, but realistic expectations.

Long-term resources

... with expert know-how and the ability to build a bridge between IT and functions.

Efficient teamwork

... with drive and hands-on mentality.

Strong user adoption

... to quickly amortize costs and ROI.

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Success Stories from Rollout Managers

Group-wide international ERP Rollout

Beate Rölle – Leading Telco Company

Beate Rölle

Leading Telco Company


At the start of the program, workstreams were not cooperating optimally which resulted in insufficient alignments, unknown dependencies, a lack of transparency and subsequently missing confidence on the local side.


An internal team supported by Sidekick Network experts was set up to prepare a template rollout approach with aligned tasks, deliverables, and a clear RACI for all local and central workstreams.


The consistent template approach with a detailed procedure for further rollouts helped the team to work more efficiently, to increase transparency, and most importantly, to ensure the local teams understood the approach, their tasks, and the central team’s expectations. This largely contributed to strengthen the commitment of the local subsidiaries towards this strategic program.

Group-wide IFRS16 Implementation (within the central ERP System)

Dennis Kaps

Dennis Kaps

Leading Telco Company


5 involved systems (plus several legacy systems within the local sites) with the corresponding test systems with different release cycles for the E2E process formed a complex system landscape. This resulted in a challenging test execution, many misunderstandings during the test and production mass loads which put the go-live at risk


To ensure an efficient coordination and collaboration between the IT and Business during the test and mass loads, the leadership initiated a task force team with selected Sidekick experts in a separate project space to focus on the execution, and to be able to align each upcoming issues and misunderstandings as fast as possible.


With daily reporting, status calls and a strong task force lead the test as well as the mass loads and migration could be finished successfully with a short delay.

This is what our clients say


Project Manager

"It's all about having the right partner to establish the Winning Team: skilled, experienced, diverse, self-assured and sensitive to the project dynamics & company culture."


Christian Hauber

Leading Pharmaceutical Company



Head of Business Partner Manager Finance

"Especially in complex international rollout projects Sidekick supports us as a partner in Project Management. With remarkable motivation, willingness to work and comprehension, requirements are professionally implemented even at Top Management level and the mood in the team is kept high even in intensive project phases. It is a pleasure to work with you."


Dennis Kaps

Leading Telco Company



Head of Group Travel Management

"With Sidekick we have an experienced partner, who understands the complexity of our processes. Within our international Travel Management end-2-end system rollout, our team were able to rise user adoption up to 97%. Expert know-how and knowledge transfer by Sidekick have been key for this success."


Maria Peter-Nick

Leading Automative Company


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About us

Our own experience in ERP Rollouts enables us to understand the challenges and typical pain points from our customers. An experienced team that takes responsibility in a solution-oriented, hands-on and structured mindset is key. By providing selected experts with drive, empathy and relevant know-how in ERP Rollouts and E2E processes within Procurement, Finance, HR and Logistics, we are convinced to help our clients to bring their project to success.


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